All Live Foods £2.00 per tub

And we tub them all up fresh daily

Including all size Locusts , black and brown crickets , mealworms , cockroaches , wax worms , morio worms , fruit beetle grubs plus more

Argus Monitors


The eggs from Thor and Lady Sif  have started hatching and we will update this as soon as possible

At Wild World Exotics we have a huge love for all exotic pets and ensuring their proper care and enriching their lives and we want you all to be involved as keeping these wonderful animals and enjoying caring for them yourself.

We have a very relaxed feel shop in the heart of salford that dedicates itself to selling some of the nicest exotic pets on the market from what we breed here to world wide breeders we work closely with.
You will notice within the shop we dont overcrowd or over-stock allowing us to care for the exotic pets like they're our own till they find a forever home.​

Meet The Wild World Exotics Team

  1. Mark Symonds
    Mark has worked in many zoos, wildlife parks and pet shops as well as keeping and breeding some incredible exotic pets . Not only does Mark give 110% in his job but will be able to help you on most exotic pet care. Mark is committed to his pets and they are parts of his family
    Mark Symonds
  2. Frank Bagshaw
    Frank is new to the hobby although learning fast and is already an asset to the team , with his design expertise there will be some amazing habitats design plus more on the way
    Frank Bagshaw

So you want to know a little more about us?

At the shop we dont only care for some of the most amazing exotic pets but we also stock some of the best equipment and housing needed to care for these exotic animals we also have alot of our own breeding programs going including a variety of large snakes like Boas , Pythons , Large Monitors , Iguanas , Geckos and a few other Coulubrids.

We also produce alot of our own live foods allowing us to have the freshest feeds around packed daily but what we do need to order in is done 3 times a week to ensure your giving the best quility food to your pet.

Here at Wild World Exotics we pride ourselves as passionate keepers and wish for us all to work together to keep and enhance the way we keep these exotic animals .

We are in the process of creating our own housing range allowing you to creat enclosures that would allow your pet to experiance the sort of things it would see in the wild.

All of our enclosures are made from toughend pilkington glass and will allow perfect heating and lighting units along with the capability to go bio and create a natural living enviroments.