Reasons to buy our live food:
1: We breed most live foods on site so you can always ensure your pet eats well.

2: What we dont breed we order fresh 3 times a week.

3: We gut-load all your insects ready for you to feed to your pets with Arcadia Insect Fuel !

4: All live foods are tubbed up daily 

£2.00 per tub

EarthPro InsectFuel is a potent and highly effective insect food. This food can be used to fill feeder insects of all species full of goodness that can then be passed onto the predator. It is based on UK grown Alfalfa which is highly palatable to insects. Earth Pro Insect Fuel also includes full spectrum vitamins and minerals, Bee pollen and a high potency marine carotenoid to provide vitamin A in a safe and regulated way. InsectFuel is packed with goodness and has Zero Phytic acid which is common to bran based diets. Guaranteed effectiveness! Can be used with all feeder insects and pet species. Can also be used as a dietary supplement for herbivorous species

50g for £4.99
250g for £11.99

We stock a wide variety of live insects
plus a wide selection of frozen feeds!

plus all your aquatic feeds including Brine Shrimp , Blood Worm , Chiclid Mix , Cockle Meat , Cocktail Shrimps , Daphnia , Dillies , Discus Mix , Krill , Malawi Mix , Mussel Meat , Mysis , Tropical Sextet , Tubifex and Turtle Food.

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